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Server Rules Empty Server Rules

Post  Arika Wed Oct 01, 2008 3:18 pm

-Server Rules-

Do not ask GMs for adena or in game items or GMs do not give experience, and/or level(s) to players. Even if there is client/server lag and your character takes loss of experience. 1 warning 2nd jail 2th account suspendet 1 day 4th permanet ban

1. No use of 3rd party botting programs/software is allowed on the server, anyone who is found using, advertising, or encouraging such tools will be banned permanently. - Note: Macros for Macroing Buffs, Pots, etc. are allowed. No Macros can be used in conjunction with a Mob or Player. Windowers for Windowed mode are allowed as they are part of the integral system as long as they do not use any kind of outside element to influence attacks, player states (i.e.: speed) or data packet manipulation including but not limited to weapons attributes or Talk Jade-type communications.
Punishment: Permanent game ban.

2. Kill stealing - There is no rule against KS'ing. However, it is rude and in defiance of the spirit of fair play integral to this server. Should a GM or Admin witness any overt activity of this sort, expect to get a reprimand for it.
If not caught, then remember to treat others as you wish to be treated. The person you KS today may return the favor in the future (suffering the same potential problems) or maybe just not respond to any requests for help from raiders and the like. This is a community of friends and friendly adversaries. It would be good for all to treat it as such and be helpful at all times. GMs and Admins will always act in this way and will be an example you can look to.
Punishment: As deemed necessary by attending GM and/or Admin factoring in if the KS'ing involves other discretions.

3.If you are denied from a group or guild do not continue to bother them or hound them, this is considered harassment, learn to take a hint. BlueHeavem has a no Harassment policy .

4.Flaming - You are allowed to flame in PvP section. You may not use abusive or racially offensive language. Respect other players and staff members. Failure to do so may result in chatban or in extreme cases jailtime, account banned, at the discretion of the GMs.
Punishment: Permanent game ban.

5.Real Money Trading (RMT) is not allowed to any degree or for any reason.
Punishment: Permanent game ban.

6.Fake GM Accounts - The creation of a character with "GM", "[GM]", or any other variation in their name or pretending to be a Staff Member is not allowed for any reason by any player.
Punishment: Permanent game ban.

7.Wall Shooting - Intentional attacking through walls, floors and solid objects is exploiting. This information is recorded and if reported it will be checked. Guilty players may suffer jail time, loss of character, or a ban.

8.Exploiting Bugs - Intentional exploitation of a known or obvious bug to gain an unfair advantage over one or more players may be punished by loss of character, loss of account, temp ban, or perma ban. Report these immediately so they can be fixed and do not use the bug until the bug is fixed. Players found to have exploited intentionally and then reported it are still guilty and may still be punished

9.Scamming - You are responsible for anything you freely give to other players. Scamming performed through posing as a member of the staff or through offerings of exploiting or cheating will be punished harshly. This may include temp bans and perma IP bans. Players found creating character names which mislead other players into believing they are a member of the staff will face these same punishments ban:).

NOTE: this means that if a char joined your clan and you freely give him good items the he leaves your clan . you have the right to remain sileant that not scaming nor is him a scamer cuz you freely give him the items so dont let me hear you "he was in my clan i give him good items now that his out i want those items back"


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Server Rules Empty Re: Server Rules

Post  Admin Wed Oct 01, 2008 3:34 pm


2. Racial harassment – As this is an international server we do not tolerate discrimination towards any other REAL LIFE race, religion, sex, politics or national origin.

3. Running away from a GM / not responding to a GM's polite requests – You may try to do this but it is impossible and will earn you a nice ban, NO WARNING.

4. Submitting false reports intentionally about other players will lead to a ban. Please remember that the staff at BlueHeave are very busy resolving daily issues, events, problems and have no time for false reports.

6. Do not advertise any sites WHATSOEVER at all to any source or location other than links in game (in tells or guild is fine unless stated otherwise by such guild rules and guidelines. This generally pertains to local, map, and race chat.) This can lead to the advertisement of undesirable sites like porn or other illicit or harmful sites and as such could expose the wrong age of person to the wrong material or expose the persons to viruses, spy ware and such.

7. Do not flame each other - unless it’s in a playful way and ''appreciated'' by both parties. If the other person asks you to politely stop then do so or they can with evidence report you to a GM/Admin and you will get banned.

8. Please refrain from speaking any language except ENGLISH on the global chat. This will result in warning, kicking, and then banning. This does not include local chat. However, the majority of the GM/Admins and players are english speaking and it is only polite to talk in the local language. However, as this an international community, we encourage everyone to maintain and embrace their local cultures and identities. We could all benefit from learning each others languages and as such, how about we teach each other rather than cutting each other out of conversations.

9. Do not argue or otherwise get in the way of a GM/Admin while doing their jobs. You are expected to be as polite to them as they are to you. They will comport themselves at all times with respect and dignity and you, the player, are expected to do the same. Respect is not a given it must be earned and maintained by all. Yes, that means should a GM/Admin not uphold these rules, they themselves will suffer punishment no matter what. There's being more serious for having abused the position and authority given to them by abusing the community trust.


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